DIY mask normal community mask

no legislation and no certification

MNS (surgical masks)

Certification and testing according to DIN EN 14683 as well as CE-marking on the mask with indication of the standard and the certification body in the EU

FFP Masks

Certification and testing according to DIN EN 149:2001+A1:2009
as well as CE-marking on the mask with indication of the standard and the certification body in the EU.
(These requirements are met by the Thorey masks: FFP2 mask Falt Pandemic Plus and antiviral FFP2 mask FAlt Med Protect.)

CPA Masks

Certification according to the rapid test procedure of the ZLS
No marking, however, a notification in the ZLS as well as the market surveillance authority
Release and distribution of the CPA only with the special release by the market surveillance authority.
(The Thorey CPA "Fold Pandemic" corresponded to this type of mask. It is no longer manufactured, but replaced by the FFP2 mask Fold Pandemic Plus.)

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    1. Please enter the following in the search field "Keywords On Products" under "All legislation": Equipment providing respiratory system protection 

    2. Click "Connect: Seach. All Notified Bodies (certified test institutes for an official CE-test of the PPE) will be displayed.

    3. Select the institute which is printed on the mask. At the test centre, please pay attention to the principle for personal protective equipment "Regulation EU 2016/425 Personal protectiv equipment".

    4. Open the PDF document. On page 2 all test principles for which the institute is certified are listed. The test principle "Equipment providing respiratory system protection" should be included here; only then does the test institute meet the requirements of the EU directive. This test principle also determines whether the test institute is allowed to carry out the annual test of the CE marking of the PPE.

If a mask or personal protective equipment does not contain a number according to the CE marking or if the testing institute is not certified for the above-mentioned testing principle, you can assume that the marking is fake.

actual state

Certification according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Personal protective equipment

These certified bodies in the EU are allowed to test FFP 1-3 respirators and also issue the CE mark.
The testing principle equipment providing respiratory system protection specifies this. Furthermore it is also specified among the certified bodies whether the certified body can and may also test the annual quality conformity. Here, it is important to note whether the "Notified Body" in the testing principle contains the reference "Quality assurance of the production process" and "Supervised product checks at random intervals".
The institutes listed here are currently under observation with regard to counterfeiting or impossible tests.
We kindly ask you to take a closer look at this and only buy tested masks. This link or EU website is automatically updated and should always contain the latest information.